Care Management

    Discharge planning begins as soon as a patient is admitted to the hospital. Your discharge from the hospital will take place as soon as possible after the physician order is written. However, from the time you are first admitted to YRMC, your healthcare team plans for care you may need after you’re discharged from the hospital. It takes into account a patient’s physical, emotional and financial needs to ensure a successful transition to the next level of recovery and care after discharged from the hospital.


    Understanding what you need to know and do after being discharged from the hospital is important to your full recovery. Your physician and the entire YRMC healthcare team encourage you to ask questions and clarify any instructions before you are discharged from the hospital. Feel free to speak to a caregiver or social worker about your discharge plan.


    YRMC Care Management will work with your physician to create an overall discharge plan. This may include special training, home care aids, equipment or additional care. The Care Management team will assist you and your family in identifying any special needs you may have and will make referrals to appropriate community resources, such as in-home care.

    The YRMC Care Management staff will provide a Post-Discharge Providers List, which includes agencies and services you or your family member may need after discharge from the hospital. Area home healthcare services, skilled nursing facilities and extended care facilities are just a few of the services included on the list.


    Yes. Our Community Resources Card includes many helpful organizations in the Quad Cities, such as the United Way, Salvation Army, St. Vincent de Paul, skilled nursing facilities, the Area Agency on Aging, home health equipment suppliers, Lifeline and others.


    YRMC’s Care Management staff members will advocate for you by contacting your health insurance provider on your behalf.