Patient Care Partnership
(Patient Rights and Responsibilities)

The basic rights of human beings for making choices and for personal dignity are always of great importance. It is a prime responsibility for Yavapai Regional Medical Center to preserve these rights for our patients. In providing care, YRMC has the right to expect behavior on the part of patients, their relatives and their friends, which considering the nature of their illness is reasonable and responsible.

Rights of Every Patient

  • The right to considerate and respectful care which is mindful of your personal dignity.
  • The right to impartial access to information and treatment regardless of your race, religion, sex, ethnic origin, age or disability.
  • The right of access to an interpreter.
  • The right to receive or deny visitors.
  • The right to an individualized treatment plan and the right to participate in the planning of your treatment plan.
  • The right to personal privacy, respect and confidentiality of information.
  • The right to participate in the consideration of ethical issues that may arise in your care and/or have a designated representative as a participant.
  • The right to be informed of the risks, side effects and benefits of your treatment and of alternative medical treatment.
  • The right to dismiss any physician providing care during your hospitalization. However, it is the responsibility of the patient or patient's representative to locate and initiate the services of a replacement physician with YRMC privileges. Until such time as this replacement assumes care of the patient, the initial physician will continue to provide care.
  • The right to confidential treatment of and access to personal and medical records and to approve or refuse release of records to any individual outside Yavapai Regional Medical Center (YRMC), other than the admitting physician, except as otherwise provided by law.
  • The right to make decisions related to your healthcare including the right to accept or refuse treatment to the extent permitted by law and be informed of the medical consequences of such refusal.
  • The right to formulate written instructions such as Living Will or Durable Medical Power of Attorney and to appoint a surrogate to make healthcare decisions on your behalf.
  • The right to be free from restraints unless clinically necessary.
  • The right to present to the hospital concerns regarding the quality of care or other matters and to expect a response that addresses the concern.
Regarding any questions about YRMC's Patient Care Partnership (Patient Rights and Responsibilities) Policy or a concern related to patient care please contact:
Yavapai Regional Medical Center (YRMC)
Phone 928-445-2700
OR Arizona Department of Health Services
150 North 18th Avenue, Suite 450, Phoenix, Arizona 85007-3245
Phone 602-364-3030

Responsibilities of Every Patient

  • The responsibility for providing complete and accurate information related to your medical history, insurance coverage and pertinent financial information.
  • The responsibility to participate in your treatment plan and to advise those treating you whether or not you can and will cooperate with the treatment. You are responsible for your actions for refusing to follow the treatment plan.
  • The responsibility to notify the treating physician or nurse of any symptoms, changes or occurrences in your physical condition or in your life which may affect your medical treatment plan.
  • The responsibility to be considerate of others including other patients, family members, guests and the healthcare team.
  • The responsibility to respect the privacy of others and their property and maintain the confidentiality of information.
  • The responsibility for seeking an explanation from any treatment team member regarding any questions you have about your rights and responsibilities as defined above and letting us know of any concerns.
  • The responsibility for taking care of the financial obligations for your care as promptly as possible.
  • The responsibility for following the rules and regulations of the hospital relating to patient care and conduct which includes but not limited to, control of noise, number of visitors and maintaining a smoke-free environment.
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