Family Resource Center

Because We Care

Raising a child in today’s environment can be a complicated process and one that presents a wide array of challenges. Since 1989 the Family Resource Center at Yavapai Regional Medical Center (YRMC) has helped new parents with the often complex task of raising happy, healthy children.

 For the family of a newborn, the rewards and demands of parenthood can be endless. Research shows that the first months and years of life are the most critical for healthy brain development which has a significant influence on how we perceive life, manage stress and build relationships throughout our lives.

The Family Resource Center can empower parents with the support, knowledge, tools and resources needed to build strong parent-child relationships and promote early child development to give your child the best possible start.

The Family Resource Center offers three voluntary programs at absolutely no cost to you: First Steps, Healthy Families and Car Seat Safety Program.


First Steps

Serving all births in YRMC’s Family Birthing Center every day of the year

The First Steps program brings comfort and understanding to the parenting experience by helping parents and families adjust to their new relationship. Trained volunteers and staff visit every new child born at YRMC’s Family Birthing Center to provide support, a wealth of parenting and early child development information, and referrals to services to support families during the early months of parenting. The First Steps program includes:

  • One week and three month follow-up phone calls after discharge to check-in on families (including safe sleep/SIDS prevention and postpartum depression), offering resources as needed, depending on the family’s needs or requests.
  • Parenting materials relating to a wide variety of topics, including postpartum care, infant brain development, coping with a crying infant, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), never shake a baby information, attachment and bonding, and car seat safety.
  • Linkage to community resources.


Healthy Families

Enrollment is open prenatally or within 90 days after birth

The Healthy Families program is designed to empower parents to provide the best childhood experience possible. This free, nationally accredited, trauma-informed program is based on over 25 years of research and evidence-based practice about early child development and healthy family enrichment.

The program provides weekly and biweekly home visits with customized support and parenting education for new families by highly-trained, non-judgmental Family Support specialists. This service begins with an intake assessment with the parent(s) to customize the program to identify and build upon strengths and to assist parents with questions, challenges and stress management. The Healthy Families program includes:

  • Families can enroll prenatally or within 90 days after birth.
  • Families must live in the greater Quad City area to include Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, Paulden, Mayer and Cordes Lakes.
  • Regular home visits can begin prenatally and continue supporting families for up to five years.
  • Regular screenings to monitor developmental milestones, postpartum depression and other stressors that may affect the health of family members.
  • Coordination with other providers (e.g.: pediatrician, mental health, WIC, etc.) as needed and/or requested to ensure that all parties are accurately and fully updated to provide the best care possible for child and family.
  • Family support and social group activities.
  • Individualized parenting education, covering topics from stress management and self-care to developmental milestones and child discipline.
  • Services are customized specifically to each family, their priorities, needs and goals.


Car Seat Safety Program

Everyone is eligible

In 2018, nearly 90% of children were not safe on the road in Yavapai County due to either improper installation, expired seats, child not in a car seat, or seat was not correct for their height and weight. The Car Seat Safety Program, made possible through a grant from the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, provides a one-time 30-45 minute presentation and safety check regarding how to safely secure a child in a car or booster seat while demonstrating the proper installation of the seat into a vehicle. If the caregiver does not have a seat, if the seat is expired, damaged or not appropriate for the child, seats can be provided at no cost to the family.

This program is provided by appointment only and is performed at YRMC’s Del E. Webb Outpatient Center in Prescott Valley. To schedule an appointment, please call (928) 771-5651.

The Car Seat Safety program includes:

  • Customized, hands-on instruction for the specific seat and vehicle, which is installed in the caregiver’s vehicle immediately following the presentation.
  • Educational materials are provided to parents to ensure they leave the presentation with the ability to safely secure their child into his or her seat and can properly install the seat into their vehicle.
  • The presentations, installations, education and safety checks are administered by trained, nationally certified child passenger safety technicians to ensure that all safety aspects are known and addressed.