Advanced Wound Care

Wounds that won’t heal need the skilled experts of Advanced Wound Care at Dignity Health Yavapai Regional Medical Center. Our team creates individualized, holistic care plans that promote long-term healing. In fact, 80 percent of complicated wounds we treat are healed within four weeks.


    Compression therapy uses short-stretch bandages and prescription compression stockings to improve circulation and heal wounds to the legs.


    Set up as a link that opens to the content that follows.] Some non-healing wounds may benefit from this process to remove tissue and reduce bacteria at the wound site. Our team uses advanced debridement tools and techniques, both which promote faster healing. Surgical intervention may sometimes be needed to stop the spread of osteomyelitis, an infection caused by an open wound over a bone.


    Hyperbaric oxygen therapy increases the amount of oxygen in the blood. The patient breathes the chamber’s pure oxygen – approximately two and a half times greater than normal atmospheric pressure – which then circulates to their organs and tissues. The result is faster and more efficient healing.


    Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to foot ulcers. Our Advanced Wound Care team fits patients with specialty shoes, boots, insoles, and socks designed to heal ulcers by reducing pressure on the feet.

Wound Types We Treat