Preventive Medicine and the Pendleton Centers

    Achieve your fitness and wellness goals with YRMC’s Adult Fitness program. Our team works with you to create an individualized plan based on your medical history, current condition and fitness goals. We focus on the four components of physical fitness:
    • Cardiopulmonary strength and endurance
    • Musculoskeletal strength and endurance
    • Flexibility
    • Body composition
    Our experienced team monitors all workouts. If needed, we contact your physician with updates on your progress.

    Adult Fitness members can access a variety of fitness classes. Open the appropriate EXERCISE! button to see the class schedules.

    Before joining Adult Fitness, we suggest you talk to your physician to obtain a medical clearance. 


    Our Cardiac Rehabilitation team helps people with heart disease:
    • Reduce risk factors
    • Embrace an active lifestyle
    • Improve the quality of their lives
    Our two-phase program is individually tailored, combining exercise, information and assistance. It starts during hospitalization at YRMC and builds as you become stronger and more independent. Here’s a look at the phases of our Cardiac Rehabilitation program:

    Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase 1
    • Begins in the hospital with mild exercise and opportunities to learn about your heart disease.
    • Supports lifestyle changes to promote good health.
    • Helps you develop hospital discharge goals and identify what you’ll need to continue to get healthy after you leave the hospital.
    • Creates a bridge to YRMC’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase 2.
    Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase 2
    • Involves you, your physician and YRMC’s Cardiac Rehabilitation team in creating an individualized program to build strength and promote health.
    • Includes individual exercise sessions monitored by members of our Cardiac Rehabilitation team.
    • Features a 30-minute individual counseling session with a dietitian, diabetes educator or pharmacist during your enrollment in the program.
    • Focuses on preventive strategies, ways to manage heart disease risk factors and provides information on heart health.


    Whether you’re newly diagnosed with diabetes or a long-time patient, our Diabetes Education program can help you. Recognized by the American Diabetes Association for Quality Self-Management Education, our program features:
    • Medical Nutrition Therapy—Discuss diabetes and healthy eating with a YRMC dietitian.
    • Diabetes Pump Training—A YRMC diabetes educator is ready to assist you whether you’re new to the pump or you’re experienced and have questions.
    • Continuous Glucose Monitor Initiation—Ask your physician for a referral for a one-to-one session designed to introduce you to this technology.
    • Diabetes Education—YRMC hosts an informative Diabetes Self-Management Education series.
    • Diabetes Management—Meet with a YRMC diabetes educator to discuss your individual diabetes management. These experienced registered nurses and dietitians can help address long-term and acute complications related to diabetes.


    Our Fitness Partners
    Our facility is partnered with SilverSneakers®, Silver&Fit®, and Renew Active™ program plans.

    Memberships include unlimited access to our equipment and classes.  Already eligible?  Come into one of our locations to take advantage of your benefits.  Not sure if you qualify?  let one of our staff members research your eligibility.

    Because of our highly regarded Adult Fitness and Cardiac Rehabilitation services, we also are able to offer Fitness Plus for a modest additional fee. This package includes all fitness partner benefits, plus:
    • A physical assessment prior to joining
    • Medical monitoring during exercise
    • Blood pressure, pulse, oxygen saturation and blood glucose monitoring


    Exercise physiologists and fitness coordinators are ready to work with you to achieve your fitness goals. Our personal training services combine the expertise and advice of these experienced professionals as well as our top-level equipment. You may want to join our group exercise classes, too. These are open to all YRMC Preventive Medicine and Wellness Center members.


Taking good care of your body is a great way to stay healthy and prevent illness and injury. At Dignity Health Yavapai Regional Medical Center (YRMC) we emphasize exercise, diet and other pathways to health. This commitment is especially evident at YRMC’s Preventive Medicine and Wellness Centers. At these state-of-the art facilities, multidisciplinary teams – dietitians, exercise and sports medicine experts, registered nurses, pharmacists and others – work together to help you achieve and maintain your health.

Come explore the menu of services delivered by our outstanding teams at these conveniently located Centers.

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