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Yavapai Regional Medical Center to Allow Limited Visitation; Some Elective Procedures Paused

by Community Outreach and Philanthropy, (928) 771-5686 | Nov 23, 2020

In response to improving COVID-19 infection rates throughout the community, Dignity Health, Yavapai Regional Medical Center has made the decision to relax visitor restrictions beginning Monday, February 8. YRMC will continue to pause hospital-based elective procedures that require an inpatient stay until further notice. Procedures in YRMC’s Endoscopy Department will proceed as scheduled but will continue to be evaluated.

Although there are limitations on the number and type of visitors to YRMC hospitals and emergency rooms, YRMC’s leadership understands that communicating with loved ones and friends is an important part of a patient’s healing.

Limited visitation will be allowed based on the following guidelines:

  •  Inpatient visitation will be permitted between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m., Monday through Sunday. 
  • Patients hospitalized in non-COVID-19 units may choose one individual over the age of 18 to be their designated visitor.
  • Visitation restrictions for COVID-19 units remain in place. Exceptions will be allowed for end-of-life visits and/or care planning discussions.
  • Patients with disabilities that depend on the assistance of a family member or caregiver to receive care will be allowed to designate a support person to accompany them to their appointment.
  • Patients who present for care to YRMC’s Emergency Department may have one visitor accompany them during their visit.
  • Laboring mothers may have one support person with them. For additional questions relating to YRMC’s Family Birthing Center, please call (928) 442-8800.
  • Pediatric patients may designate two parents/guardians for visitation. Two parents/guardians may also accompany a pediatric patient during a visit to YRMC’s Emergency Department.
  • All visitors are expected to follow YRMC’s strict mask-use policy while inside any YRMC facility. YRMC currently requires all visitors to wear a procedural mask to enter a YRMC facility. Visitors without a procedural mask will be given one during the screening process before they may enter.
  • Family members of patients receiving care at Yavapai Regional Medical Center are encouraged to call (928) 445-2700 for more information before they visit.

To minimize the impact on patients and their families, YRMC continues to encourage the use of teleconference tools to stay connected and can make a limited number of electronic tablets available for patients who don’t possess a smart phone or tablet.

YRMC wants to emphasize that patients in need of emergent care should not avoid a visit to one of YRMC’s Emergency Departments. Precautions are in place to ensure your safety. As patient volumes remain higher than normal, YRMC will make every effort to provide care as quickly as possible. YRMC encourages patients in need of non-emergent care to seek advice from their medical provider.

YRMC wants to thank the community for their support and understanding during this challenging time. Visitation restrictions will continue to be evaluated and adjusted based on COVID-19 infection rates throughout the community. Please continue to wear a mask, wash your hands, and practice social distancing to ensure your safety and the safety of others.