About YRMC

As a locally owned, locally operated, not-for-profit healthcare provider, Yavapai Regional Medical Center relies on patient revenue and community support for its funding. No property taxes have ever been levied to pay for programs, capital improvements or expansion projects. If there is revenue left over after YRMC's expenses are paid, this money is reinvested in YRMC to improve patient care and services, to reduce debt and to fund future needs.

Fast Facts

Sometimes we might take it for granted, but a large part of the quality of life we enjoy has to do with the health of our community. That’s where YRMC comes in.

Did you know ... In 2016:

  • Our talented team at the Family Birthing Center welcomed 1,037 babies into the world.
  • YRMC’s healthcare team – physicians, nurses and other medical professionals – cared for 11,128 inpatients in 2016.
  • YRMC’s Emergency Departments in Prescott and Prescott Valley cared for 72,697 patients - approximately 1,398 each week.
  • Our clinical laboratory experts completed 272,610 inpatient studies and 624,915 outpatient studies in 2016.
  • Our dedicated Medical Imaging team performed 20,099 inpatient studies, 60,555 outpatient studies and 60,978 imaging studies in the Emergency Department in 2016.
  • The highly skilled team at YRMC's Cardiopulmonary Laboratory conducted 46,578 examinations to identify and treat acute or chronic problems of the heart and lungs.
  • The James Family Heart Center continued to build upon its reputation for excellence by performing 238 open heart and thoracic (chest) surgeries, 440 electrophysiology procedures, 1,183 cardiac catheterization procedures, 856 interventional radiology procedures and 451 interventional cardiology procedures in 2016.
  • YRMC’s Diabetes Education team helped 796 people with diabetes better manage their health to prevent hospitalization.
  • Our Family Resource Center in Prescott Valley helped 1,009 moms and dads provide better care to their newborns through the First Steps program. In addition, 114 families received ongoing support and home visits through the nationally accredited Healthy Families Program.
  • Our Respiratory Wellness team helped 276 people breathe easier through free respiratory wellness programs. This dedicated team also reached 44 people through smoking cessation programs.
  • Our compassionate team of professional therapists performed 124,676 procedures through our comprehensive Physical Rehabilitation program.
  • In 2016, 725 dedicated volunteers contributed 110,249 hours of service, breaking the 100,000-hour mark for the tenth consecutive year.
  • Members of the YRMC family volunteered 121 hours of their time in support of YRMC’s Speakers Bureau to provide health education to over 2,442 people.
  • Our Partners for Healthy Students team provided vital healthcare to 1,361 children from underinsured and uninsured homes.
  • YRMC helped prepare 310 new moms and dads for delivery through its Childbirth Education program.
  • And our Nutrition Services team prepared 480 free hot meals for women and children receiving help through the Prescott Area Women’s Shelter.